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The 4 Common Mistakes That Could Cause an Oven Fire

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen Stove on Fire Ovens are complicated, multi-faceted devices that can cause fires due to a myriad of factors.

Thanks to the advancements made in fire-prevention technology, as well as general fire safety, we’ve seen a slow decline in fires (3.2%) from 2010 to 2019. But despite the advancements made, fires are still a prevalent issue in the US. Mistakes in the kitchen are the leading cause of US housefires. 

Your kitchen is made up of different components that can cause fires, chief amongst them is your oven. While we tend to think we know how to operate our ovens properly, we still make common mistakes that could potentially set your property ablaze.

To ensure that you avoid these mistakes and don’t have to rely on our Dallas fire damage restoration services, continue reading below.

Avoid these 4 Common Mistakes to Prevent an Oven Fire. 

Ovens are complicated, multi-faceted devices that can cause fires due to a myriad of factors. The most common mistakes that can cause over fires, however, include:

1. Greasy foods placed too close to a heat source

If you’re cooking greasy foods, make sure not to place said foods too close to the oven’s heating source. 

If your food item has too much grease (such as olive oil) and is near a heating source (right under the broiler, for example), the abundance of grease can spatter and spark a fire when in direct contact with it.  

The bottom line is when cooking greasy foods, always place them on the lower oven racks.

2. Dropping food in the oven

Proper oven maintenance means cleaning up any food that has dropped on your oven floor. So, be sure to check your oven regularly for fallen food debris. 

Leftover bits sitting on the surface of your oven can catch fire when at high temperatures. Even if they don’t pose a huge fire risk, they can still smoke and cause lingering odors, which will mean having to call Dallas fire damage restoration services to remove the smell.

The risk of a fire starting due to overcooking is based on the dryness of certain food items (e.g. overheating fallen pieces of a baguette).

3. Using wax paper

When cooking with our ovens, we tend to think that wax paper and parchment paper are the same. They are not.

Wax paper is not as heat-resistant as parchment paper, meaning it will likely melt when exposed to prolonged high temperatures. As a result, the paper component of wax paper can also be set ablaze. Parchment paper, by contrast, won’t catch fire and at most will only darken due to heat.

4. Using the wrong settings

Read and understand your recipe carefully before cooking with your oven. Doing so will ensure that you know which proper settings to use. Without knowing, you can set the oven to broil instead of using a specific temperature, which will likely cause an oven fire.

After the Fire, Call SERVPRO of Dallas Love ASAP

SERVPRO of Dallas Love will gladly provide you with the Dallas fire damage restoration you need to make your property look as good as new.

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